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Holiday hot tips with BLAQ

The Christmas tunes are on repeat. The tree is getting its final touches of decorations (and the cat hasn't ruined it - yet). Your calendar and shopping list is growing… Eep. We get it. Christmas can sometimes feel stressful. It’s why we’ve put together some helpful hints and tips to manage the stress, keep the toxic thoughts at bay and get holiday-ready, minus having to silently scream.

1. Joy starts with YOU

First up on our list of priorities is *drumroll*… you. The holidays can be a season of giving but never at the expense of your sanity or mental health. Make it a point to look after yourself by scheduling in non-negotiable self-dates and pampering sessions with your BFF - the BLAQ Bundles. If you’re having to pull a few late nights scrolling to find the perfect gift, pick up BLAQ’s award-winning eye mask and get those peepers looking fresh as. All about the holiday vino? Keep those pearly whites shining bright this season with our powerful oral care range.

Tip: Get your BLAQ Bundles early and keep them on your top shelf so you’ll always be reminded to take a moment to pause and treat yo-self!

2. Shop early

Get the gifts out of the way waaaayyy before the festivities so you don’t have to stress about doing everything at once. Make a handy list of who you need to shop for and what your budget is so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either. Go you!

Hint: Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about cheeky discounts and get saving OR save yourself the hassle of figuring out gifts by picking up our BLAQ Bundles. You’re welcome.

3. Less comparison, more self-compassion

Hey you, yes you reading this. We’ve got a message for you this season (and always): Wherever you are is good enough. It can be really easy to start comparing ourselves, our journeys and our outsides with everyone else but at BLAQ, we’re here to detoxify beauty and remind you that the only thing that matters is your own health and happiness. So if there’s one thing you can give yourself this season (aside from multiple pampering seshs), give yourself plenty of kindness.

Tip: Have post-its around your home with affirmations you truly believe in. It doesn’t have to be woo-woo, just all you-you. Catch yourself going on a mindless scroll? Pause, take a deep breath and go read your affirmations, you beautiful, amazing human being!

We may wish for the holidays to be like a picture-perfect commercial - where the perfectly tender turkey / Tofurky graces the table and our toxic relatives are… well, not toxic but we all know it doesn’t always turn out the way we wish it would (welcome to being human, yay). Despite that, we hope you take the time to find balance, to look after yourself and to continue owning the beauty that you are - because where’s the joy in doing otherwise?

Happy holidays from all of us at BLAQ to you.