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Get party-ready this season with BLAQ

You can see it on your calendar. The dates are inching closer and your body is ready to hit the dance floor with all its beautiful energy. Party season is upon us and we are At BLAQ, we’re all about #detoxifyingbeauty, so we’ve put together a handy guide for getting party-ready this season minus the toxic thoughts. Let’s get this party started!

1. Pre-party

Tunes? On. Mask? On. Comparisons? OFF. Pick your playlist and get grooving in the comfort of your home to get in the mood while you grace your face with BLAQ’s Peel Off Mask to banish impurities and get your skin oh-so-glowy. Pair your fresh face with a bright smile and give your pearly whites a healthy clean with our BLAQ Billion Dollar Smile Bundle so you can look and feel absolutely confident. Next, put on that killer outfit, take some amazing selfies and watch out world, here you come.

2. Party time!

There’s not a lot to say for this moment except - enjoy yourself. Own your version of fun and beauty. Get out there and focus on having a good time rather than comparing yourself to anyone else, because all that really matters this season and always? You and your happiness :)

3. Post-party

Kick off those heels or sneakers. Get into your comfiest clothes and grab the BLAQ Express Charcoal Wipes. It’s super soft and pre-soaked with a detoxifying charcoal-infused formula so you can give your face an instant clean and head off to snooze-central in a matter of minutes. For that extra dose of TLC, use our BLAQ Teeth Whitening Wand before bed and our award-winning BLAQ Eye Mask to de-puff, detox and get back to being your badass, bright-eyed self.

Ps. Remember to take some time out for yourself in the midst of all the celebrations and know that it’s absolutely okay to say “no” if you’re worn out or just need some me-time. It can also be helpful to schedule in non-negotiable self-pampering sessions or make a date out of it with your BFF and your favourite BLAQ Bundles.

As always, Be you. Live loud. Accept everyone. Question everything and have a merry, happy, be-YOU-tiful holiday season from all of us at BLAQ to you.