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Does urban pollution really affect your skin?

If you thought dealing with your toxic relationships was enough to steer away from stress-free skin, the pollution is doing you dirty just as much. You’ve probably heard about it before – but how does pollution really affect your skin?

I sat down, put on some eye masks, and did the research just for you - on just how the air around us could possibly disturb our skin barrier and wreak havoc.. and considering the momentum that climate change is doing to our Mother Earth already (if you’re reading this in 2030 I hope we’re thriving) best we understand how it works!

There’s been plentiful studies linking pollution certain skin conditions like acne, hives, ageing, eczema etc. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Adam Mamelak, explains pollutants pass through skin cell membranes and diffuse into the body.

“The uptake of pollutants by the skin has been reported as similar to the uptake after inhalation,” he explains. “That means similar levels of pollutants get into our body through the skin as they do through breathing in these noxious chemicals.”

As if I haven’t dealt with enough toxicity in my life, we have to deal with pollution *eye roll*

So how do we combat this? Here’s some tips to control pollution from ruining the vibe on your beautiful face.

Be gentle with it! A good cleanser can reduce the particle load of pollutants on the skin.Highly recommend our BLAQ Urban Detox Cleanser, it’s literally your BFF for an anti-pollution skincare routine (she also exfoliates too!)

Seal it in honey. If you love your serums now’s the time to apply. (If they’re anti-pollution products, even better.)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your moisturiser comes next, because what’s worse than having dehydrated skin..

Screaming for sunscreen! Everyday. Literally. Don’t forget. Set an alarm if you have to. This is the last step since sunscreen is reflective and doesn’t need to get absorbed into the skin to work.

Exercise, eat, sleep, repeat. Prioritizing healthy habits and healthy eating can boost overall skin health by supporting its natural barrier function, and furthermore can increase metabolism and help eliminate toxins from the body. Toxic-free across the board!

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash