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Power Up Oral Care Bundle


Grime, plaque and food particles don’t stand a chance against this BLAQ Electric Toothbrush cleaning machine paired with replacement heads (2 pack) and Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste.

What's Included

BLAQ Electric Toothbrush : With a brushing frequency of up to 30,000 strokes per minute, the lightweight and IPX7 waterproof rated BLAQ Electric Toothbrush provides up to 8x more cleaning power than a conventional oscillating powered toothbrush.

Its 3 brushing modes with selection memory, 2 minute timer and USB rechargeable battery will see it quickly become your go-to fave for those pearly whites! 

Designed to use with the BLAQ ORAL CARE RANGE.

BLAQ Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste: 

This ain’t no ordinary toothpaste!

Packed with calcium, magnesium and silica to strengthen enamel and whiten teeth, this toothpaste also includes activated charcoal, bentonite clay and coconut oil to remove grime, bacteria and toxins.

Use twice daily to combat bacteria that causes tooth decay, plaque build-up and gum disease, while powerful antiseptic properties heal ulcers and cuts and combat bad breath.

Now get out there and flash those pearly whites!