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4 ways to detoxify your mouth

At BLAQ, we’re all about detoxifying beauty.

If you’ve spent more than 6 seconds looking at a beauty product, advertisement or social media page, you’ll know that the word ‘detox’ _is constantly being thrown around. It’s there to make you feel as though there’s something wrong with you, some sort of ‘toxins’ that need to be expelled before you can truly be beautiful.

Sure, there are definitely times where our bodies need a bit of a clean-out, as skin and mouths are mega prone to bacteria and can really benefit from a good old detox. That’s why products like the BLAQ eye mask, BLAQ whitening toothpaste, BLAQ teeth whitening wand and the BLAQ peel-off mask exist (plus, you know, all the other BLAQ goodies).

However, at BLAQ we’re not here to tell you that there’s something wrong with you and that only we can fix it. The beauty industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the messages it sends to its audience. Regardless of how well our teeth whitening powder works, it doesn’t matter if you don’t  feel beautiful.

We’re here to tell you that you are exquisite, just as you are.
Our products are here to enhance your beauty, not change it. The most important thing is how you feel. We want you to unashamedly smile, laugh, show affection, receive affection, and continue to light up every room that you walk into. It seems our mouths can have a big roll to place in how amazing we do or don’t feel. Our mouth is possibly the most used part of our body and here’s 4 ways to detoxify it.

1. Take care of the bacteria.

Yep, we’re going there. Unfortunately our mouths can be an absolute penthouse for germs. Eating food, putting our hands in or near our mouths, and even just breathing in air can dump germs into the warm, moist haven that is our mouth. Bacteria can make you sick, wreak havoc on your teeth, give you bad breath, discolour your teeth, and even create ulcers and sores in your mouth. Thankfully, Mother Nature offers us a natural solution which we’ve used to make our activated charcoal oral care range. Charcoal toothpaste, charcoal floss, and sustainable charcoal toothbrushes all help to clean and freshen your mouth.

2. Keep those teeth white and clean

We’ve never met a single person who doesn’t dread going to the dentist. There are so many sensitive nerves in our teeth and dental pain is arguably some of the worst pain a human physically endures. Unfortunately, toothpastes are not all created equally. Some are nothing more than a temporary, minty mouth freshener to cover up any bad breath issues. Instead of actually strengthening your teeth and taking care of the bad-breath bacteria, you end up with the same problems. Not only that, dental problems affect how we feel about ourselves. We’re less likely to willingly flash a smile if we feel our teeth are not at their best. Once again, we’ve taken the natural power in activated charcoal to create not only toothpaste, but charcoal teeth whitening products as well.

3. Floss

While we strongly encourage you to whip out your dance moves at every chance, in this case, we’re talking about floss for your mouth. According to NPR, a survey showed that 27% of people lie to their dentist about how often they floss. Dentists recommend flossing daily, yet so many of us forget to include it in our oral care routine. Unfortunately, toothbrushing can’t get rid of all the dead bits of food and leaving them to sit there can lead to serious cavities. Add the antibacterial benefits of activated charcoal with our specialized, natural dental floss.

4. Speak kind words

This point might be the most important of all, which is why we left it to the end (dramatic impact, you know...). Our entire activated charcoal oral range won’t improve how you feel if your mouth isn’t putting out good vibes. The beauty queen herself, Audrey Hepburn, once said “For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.” If you think about the kindest person you know, you probably can’t help but smile. Their beauty truly radiates and changes lives, all because they speak kind words. It seems that the ultimate way to detoxify our mouths is by using it only for good.