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BLAQ Maison’s Fragrance de Chambre (home fragrance for those who aren’t familiar with the French language) has just launched. Yet, you’re curious to proceeding the next steps by adding to your cart, reasons being: guessing what the scents smell like online is a bit of a gamble. We decided to break it down for you based on your personality types that could help curate your next home, office, or bedroom signature scent!

BLAQ Cuir Fumé (Smokey Leather in translation)

Smells like: exactly what the name promises: SMOKEY LEATHER but in a rich, decadent way.
Feels like: Think of it like you’re sitting in a Lamborghini Urus and there’s an essence in the air with a hint of Saffron, Raspberry, and a touch of Jasmine, Leather, Suede, Amber, and Woody Notes – basically, you’re sitting shotgun with a millionaire or day-dreaming of!
You are: sophisticated with a sense of knowing who you indeed are. You monitor what Bella Hadid wears and imagine that this is what her home would smell like.

BLAQ Surf Daze

Smells like: Evoking sultriness, drops of hibiscus and coconut swirl with patchouli, tuberose, musk, and cacao. The result is a scented candle that is subtly sweet, earthy, and warm.
Feels like: a sunny day driving down the Pacific Freeway on your way to Malibu to have lunch a Geoffrey’s – with the top down and wearing aviator sunnies sporting a Dior bandana and denim.
You are: the type of person ordering Starbuck’s pink coconut, strawberry drink to refresh yet satisfyingly quenched. You love Justin Bieber’s latest but will continue to play some of his old school hits. Nikita Dragun is your go-to beauty guru because you like all things colorful, playful and eccentric.

BLAQ Morroccon Oud Wood

Smells like: Swirling with the subtle spiciness of Sichuan pepper, Cardamom, and the warmth of Tonka Bean and Amber, this scent is distinctive, rare, and sensual.
Feels like: there’s no other way to describe this fragrance than your dream man. He is tall-dark and handsome, has a sense of luxury but humble about his opulent wealth. To sum it up, this scent embodies the ideal man you have been looking for – or noting down what he would smell like – this would be it!
You are: a regular at Sephora and Violet Grey. You have a real sense to what you should be applying to your skin and know what any makeup palette works for you. A classic Chanel flap handbag is with you from day to night – basically, you’re living life on the fast-yet healthy-lane like Candice Swanepoel.

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