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shipping + returns

How long ‘til my Blaq products are in my hot little hands?

We have two types of shipping available:

  1. Lightning speed – Straight from our your closest warehouse (either Australia, Hong Kong, USA or UK) to your front door in 2-5 business days!
  2. Slow and steady – This may take a little longer, 5-15 business days, but it’s totally FREE if you order two or more different items!

I’ve become attached, I want to know where my Blaq products are at all times. How can I track it?

We totally get it. Shoot us an email: [email protected] and we’ll give you all the info.


blaq mask

How does this magical mask work? Tell me your secrets.

We have three words for you – Apply. Peel. Reveal.
Simply, apply and wait for the formula to dry (selfies are encouraged to pass the time #blaqmask), then simply peel off the mask, along with skin impurities and blackheads, and reveal fresh and flawless skin.

Haaaalp! I've got mask in my hair / eyes!

Don’t panic. Our products are made with natural ingredients so just breathe and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Tip: It’s best to avoid your eye area and hairline all together.

I've split the mask all over my (roommate's) top... ooooops!

Thank your lucky stars that activated charcoal is our superstar ingredient and won’t stain – just add water and it will wash right off.

My skin is a rather sensitive soul, will I be a beetroot after using the mask?

Our products are designed for all skin types, including sensitive. If you are prone to sensitivity or have quite reactive skin, do a quick patch test 24 hours prior to applying the mask to your entire face. It’s better to be safe than sorry, peeps!

As the mask lifts impurities from the skin, it’s totally normal to look a little flushed after you peel and reveal. Don’t stress, the redness will subside shortly after.

I’m obsessed with the mask, can I use it everyday?

First of all, we love you and keep the compliments coming. Second of all, the mask can be used as often as you like – as a guide, we say once a week should do the trick.

Patience is a virtue I do not have, when will I see results?

Our Mask was designed for the need-it-now-kinda-gal or guy! For instant results, simply, peel and reveal. Keep in mind the more pesky blackheads you have, the better the result. If you don’t have many blackheads, you may not see the instant results as promoted in our videos. But blackheads aside, regular use will result in clearer skin, less acne and a more even skin tone.

I know this is kinda gross but can I apply over a breakout?

Our Mask isn’t a one spot wonder, so if you have an active pimple, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t magically disappear but the good news is, regular usage of our Blaq mask, along with a regular skincare regime, will help to clear current and future breakouts.


My body’s smooth and supple as can be… wonder if I can use it on my face too?

You most certainly can! Our scrub is designed to use from head to toe. Apply a decent amount and feel free to scrub-a-dub all over, avoiding the eye area.

I generally avoid scrubs at all costs (sensitive skin / trust issues), will the Blaq Scrub be different?

Our products are designed for all skin types and the scrub contains 100% natural ingredients making it a match made in beauty heaven for sensitive skin. If that’s not enough piece of mind for you, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

Again, it’s better to be safe than red and blotchy so if you’re prone to sensitivity or have quite reactive skin, do a quick patch test or chat with your health physician.

My smoothness levels are at an all time high but my shower cleanliness, not-so-much. Will the Scrub stain?

With charcoal products, things are bound to get a little messy but rest assured, our products won’t stain any of your bathroom surfaces. Simply rinse when you’re done, and if any essential oils are left behind, simply wipe over with your regular shower products. So fresh, and so clean.

Can I use the Scrub if I have eczema?

We recommend not using on on any severe skin conditions as this product contains sugar. If you have eczema or other skin conditions, a high sugar diet (that creates inflammation and glycation), may worsen your condition. Soz guys.

I need cuddle-worthy skin now. When will I see/feel the results?

After each application you will notice your skin is a whole lot smoother, brighter and supple to touch (insert wink smiley).

eye mask

Can I use on my sensitive peepers?

It’s better to be safe than left red and puffy eyed so if you have sensitive peepers, be safe and do a patch test with the liquid in the patch on hand.

Should I rinse after using the Eye Mask?

Rinse, don’t rinse, do whatever feels right, babe. But if the windows to your soul are a little sensitive then we would suggest to rinse off any excess residue.

I’m sure I can get another go out of it, can I reuse the eye mask?

Our hydrogel eye masks are designed for a one-hit-only and can not be reused. Soz.

How many will I get in a box? One, three… 100? Tell me, please.

Each box contains five sets of eye masks, which equals clear and sparkly eyes for the next five weekends! Hazah!

I need results, like yesterday. When will I notice a difference?

Asap – As Soon As Peeled… off the eye area. See what we did there?

whitening pen

I should probably check if this will damage my teeth. Will it?

Nope! We’ve taken out the nasty’s (peroxide) and replaced it with our super clever key ingredient, activated charcoal to naturally whiten and brighten your teeth.

How many applications will I get out of my whitening wand?

Short answer: 4-6 weeks. Long form: 2mls might not sound a lot, but it will last you up to 40+ applications. Pearly whites for dayzzzzzz.

Someone bumped me / I was scrolling and I got it on my gums and lips?

Not a problem because like we said, all the ingredients are natural, but we do recommend not to drink or eat for 20 minutes before and after each application for maximum results.

How often do I need to use my whitening wand?

Errrrrrrvy day. Work it into your dental routine after brushing your teeth.

I’ve got an event coming up, when are the results noticeable?

Stick to the plan and your whitening pen will reward you within 1-4 days. All smiles differ so results will vary.

Hot tip: Smoking is a big no, no when it comes to whitening so with the risk of sounding like your mother, step away from the cigarettes.

Black face mask

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