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Even though the product took a while to get delivered, I can understand. The product is in high demand and for a reason. It works!

I no longer have to scrub my face vigorously to clean it. The BLAQ MASK is easy to use and I can see the results immediately.

The only downside is everyone in my house wants to use it!

When you buy BLAQ MASK get some for your mates as well 🙂

- Ben Fox, Tuggerawong, NSW, AU

LOVED this product! I searched around and did some research on these types of masks. Decided to go with this one and I’m very glad I did. The results were amazing and I could instantly see the difference it made. Shipping took a little long but it was well worth the wait. Will definitely be re-ordering!

- RHI_RHI12 via ShopVenture

Super satisfying to remove as well as very effective for blackhead extraction and general purifying. Shipping takes a while but well worth it!

- Lulu London, GB

Great stuff.  My skin feels so smooth and clean afterwards, I highly recommend this product. Good to read that you ship from Australia now.  Thanks!

- Angela, UK

Best pore cleaning product on the market! Super cheap for the awesome quality, 10/10 would definitely recommend!

- Anna, Auckland NZ

I have a skincare routine and it is not complete without my Blaq Mask. Nothing else makes my skin as clear and Smooth!

- ALYISE via ShopVenture

I’ve been seeing this product all over social media, and knew I wanted to try it for myself to see what all the fuss was about.


Product: smells great and definitely does what it’s said to do. Upside smells so fresh!

Service: no fuss, received within the following week and packaging’s done so chic.

- DOMINIC_07 via ShopVenture
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