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1 Tube = 10 T-Zone Treatments

Blaq mask tube

Say GOODBYE to Blackheads!


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Blaq mask tube

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Use a facial skin cleanser to clean the surface of the area you wish to treat, then use a towel hot compress 3-5 minutes to open your pores

Step 2

Apply evenly on nose, chin or any area you wish to treat

Step 3

Wait for 15-20 minutes. After, remove the mask upward. It’s best to do this gently. Remove any residual mask with warm water and wipe clean. 

Blaq mask

@blaq.mask sucked the blackheads right out of my nose!

Blaq mask

The @blaq.mask left my nose smooth and clean!

Satisfaction guarantee

We love our product and we hope that you do too! Otherwise we provide a 90-day money back guarantee.

Safe on

Our products are based on natural ingredients! We have carefully crafted our advanced formula to include only the finest ingredients. This ensures maximum results and assists in giving you perfect skin!

Blackhead Killer

Our laboratory developed formula  provides strong penetration and sucks blackheads from your skin. The mask absorbs dirt and grime and regulates oil secretion, keeping your face smoother and reducing acne.

Cruelty Free

Blaq Mask is a cruelty-free brand. Blaq Mask is committed to producing 100% cruelty-free cosmetics and we do not test any of our raw materials or finished products on animals.
Blaq body scrub


  • Strong penetration

  • Activated Charcoal

  • Sucks blackheads from your face

  • Absorbs dirt and grime

  • Regulates oil secretion

  • Helps to reduce acne 

  • Developed in the USA

  • Helps to keep your face smoother

Blaq mask

@blaq.mask sucked the blackheads right out of my nose!

Blaq mask

The @blaq.mask left my nose smooth and clean!

Blaq mask

You have to try this! It’s gross but amazing results!

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