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What's the Deal With All These Charcoal Masks:

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed more than a few social media videos featuring people marinating their faces in mysterious black paste, and then proceeding to peel them off with the satisfaction that’s not unlike that of popping a pimple.

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Our Pores:

We don’t want much from our beauty products. They just have to actually work, the packaging needs to be #topshelf ready and most importantly, we want to see results immediately. And brands are listening. Fast-acting products not only give us that gratification we crave, they save us loads of time too. So is it any wonder we’re throwing money at problems to solve our scheduling and skin issues at the same time?

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Elle Australia

15 Under $50: The Best Beauty Products Hitting Shelves In May:

They’re one of the brands responsible for the charcoal peel-off face mask trend, and now they’re introducing us to the eye mask version. Leave each mask on for 10-15 minutes for a de-puff and detox of the eye area.

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Fashion Journal

Beauty Report: Blaq Mask:

My skin was left feeling softer for sure. I also liked how you could clearly see what it had taken out of your skin. Keep in mind, however, all those photos you’ve seen on social media were clearly taken under a microscope.

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Townsville Bulletin

Cult Blaq Mask and Pore Products on Trial:

BLAQ Mask will help you find that flawless, pore-less skin you’re looking for. Cleanse, apply hot towel, then apply mask, wait 15 minutes and then BAM! Blackheads be gone. Videos of the activated charcoal mask have gone viral as it draws out impurities.

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Boss Hunting

It’s no lie that men still get insecure about grooming products for themselves. It’s almost as if their whole masculinity will shatter at the mere touch of a moisturiser.

The good news is, it won’t! You can still have great skin and be just as much of a man’s man. You can rest assure that these products will keep you looking great and the girls will love you for it.

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