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Beauty report: Blaq Mask


Name: Blaq Mask
Price: $29
Available from:

Key ingredients: Charcoal
What it does: A charcoal face mask that sucks blackheads from your skin. It absorbs dirt, grime and regulates oil secretion.

How it feels/smells/looks

It’s almost like a shiny black toothpaste. It’s very runny which I didn’t expect, but thickens once on your skin.

Why I like it

My skin was left feeling softer for sure. I also liked how you could clearly see what it had taken out of your skin. Keep in mind, however, all those photos you’ve seen on social media were clearly taken under a microscope. I thought the results would be 100-times grosser/crazier. In actual fact, blackheads are tiny and so the results don’t look all that impressive.

Areas for improvement

It would be nice if it was a little thicker, I spilt it everywhere as soon as I took off the lid.

Final comments

I liked this mask, it was fun to use, albeit a little difficult to peel off. I definitely wouldn’t apply to my entire face, this one’s better suited to your nose and cheeks. I definitely did see results straight away though, they just weren’t as dramatic as I was expecting.

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