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Solving your first world skincare problems

Hi, we are BLAQ

Wait, Who the hell are we?

Blaq is an Australian skincare brand designed to take prime position on your bathroom vanity. Our products are minimal, our packaging is desirable and the results are downright remarkable.

We’re the cool kids when it comes to innovation and hell bent on becoming the new age staple, making over your skin and making under your skincare routine.

Built on the basis of our core ingredient, Activated Charcoal, our products are formulated to solve your first world skin problems and erase the evidence of late nights, city-living and one too many wines (if there is such a thing), by detoxifying and nurturing your skin back to a healthy state.

Who We Are

Flight Mode is a skincare and supplement collection specially formulated to combat the harsh, drying air conditions of traveling in high-altitudes. (Long-haul flights and ski holidays, we’re looking at you.)


Buckle up and settle into using Flight Mode with the comfort of knowing we are 100% committed to being cruelty-free. This means we test on real-life babes, never on animals.


While our products are incredibly effective, our formulations are also incredibly gentle – meaning everyone, even those with sensitive skin, can jump on board.